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FUB-ContinuEd, a part-time online continuing education program, is set to launch in fall 2021

Lifelong Learning at University Level: New International Continuing Education Program to Expand Freie Universität Berlin’s Educational Portfolio

News from Sep 17, 2021

Freie Universität Berlin is planning to open up to new target groups by offering certificate program courses to international alumni, young professionals, and experienced professionals. The new program is designed for anyone who is interested in gaining professional qualifications in a university context. The online courses that make up the new Freie Universität Berlin Continuing Education Program (FUB-ContinuEd) address topics as diverse as communication and international competence, diversity management, understanding global sustainability challenges, and academic writing in German. They are subject to a fee and designed for participants who want to complete a professional certificate program while studying or working. The first nine-week course, “Communication and International Competence,” will begin on September 24, 2021.

These international certificate courses are designed for people who would like to acquire academic knowledge and key skills to further boost their professional and personal development. The FUB-ContinuEd Program uses contemporary methods to teach about topics that will help participants overcome current challenges and changes on the labor market. Over a period of nine weeks, the instructors present important findings from current research and link them with the demands of the workplace. The courses – most of which are taught in English – offer participants a great deal of flexibility, as they are made up of live lessons, self-study, independent and group work, as well as videos and recorded lectures. The courses take place at different times of the day, allowing participants from different time zones to attend. The program guarantees small class sizes of between six and fifteen people.

“There’s high demand for continuing education courses that provide certification. The reasons for this are manifold,” says Dr. Kristina Rödder, program director of FUB-ContinuEd. “Our target groups are looking for additional qualifications that feature an academic component along with a hands-on, practical dimension that they can complete part time, while working or studying, within a reasonable time frame.” The benefits are obvious – participants who complete their course enjoy additional qualifications, new ideas, and networking opportunities. Not only that, but their newly gained knowledge and skills come in handy in their everyday professional lives and look great on their CV.

“With its new FUB-ContinuEd Program, Freie Universität Berlin is demonstrating that it is also at the forefront of international part-time continuing education,” says Dr. Herbert Grieshop, director of International Affairs at Freie Universität Berlin. “Supplementing our existing course options, these new online courses will allow us to teach international students a combination of essential intercultural, social, and specialist skills.
The university’s many years of experience in successfully organizing programs such as the FUBiS International Summer and Winter University and the European Studies Program FU-BEST have come to benefit FUB-ContinuEd. As young professionals, alumni of these programs in particular are an important target group who often desire additional expertise and skills. Many also wish to return to Berlin for a graduate degree or for professional reasons.

The part-time courses for students and professionals are ideal for people who are hoping to learn in a collaborative environment that encourages critical thinking. Participants should be used to finding solutions to practical, everyday problems independently or as part of a team. To be admitted to the course, they must have advanced language skills in the language of instruction.

Participants receive a certificate from Freie Universität Berlin when they successfully complete the course. The range of courses being offered will be expanded in the coming months.

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You can register online for different sessions throughout the year.

Further Information

Freie Universität Berlin Continuing Education Program (FUB-ContinuEd)

  • The FUB-ContinuEd Program offers international certificate courses designed for people who would like to acquire academic knowledge and key skills to further boost their professional and personal development. It uses contemporary methods to teach about topics that will help participants handle pressing issues and changes on the labor market.
  • Website: www.continued.fu-berlin.de
  • Program Director: Dr. Kristina Rödder


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