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FUBiS on Demand

FUBiS on Demand is designed for groups interested in FUBiS outside the regular term dates and course offerings. The program’s time frame and topics are specifically tailored to the client’s needs and can be supplemented with an exclusive excursion schedule of their choice. If desired, accommodation can also be arranged by FUBiS.

FUBiS on Demand participants gain important fundamental knowledge and core competences in selected subject areas. Following the classic FUBiS concept, the program takes advantage of diverse university resources, as well as those offered by the city of Berlin, thus ensuring a holistic training program. In the FUBiS on Demand program the medium of instruction is not limited to presentations and lectures by experts; traditional instruction is supplemented with group projects, case studies, and simulations. At the end of the program, Freie Universität Berlin issues a transcript certifying successful completion of the program.

During the first FUBiS on Demand program in 2008, Mexican military officers received training for two months in the areas of gender mainstreaming, peace culture, and international human rights so that they could then serve as trainers for other officers upon their return to Mexico.


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