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Ernst-Reuter-Gesellschaft e.V.

We process your customer data using the management software of premium provider SEWOBE AG with headquarters in Augsburg and extensive experience in the field of online administration. SEWOBE stores these data in a German data processing centre. We grant access rights to your customer data (or member data) only to authorised persons and regularly train our employees, who are subject to confidentiality agreements.

For admission as a member or for the execution of a contract, we require information including your name, address (postal address), phone numbers and email addresses and, if applicable, date of birth. You will receive a customer / membership number upon conclusion of the contract.

For the provision of an FU account, your personal data will be transmitted to Zedat (the Central Data Processing Facility of Freie Universität Berlin).

Contributions are calculated on the basis of your customer or membership status, and your bank details (SEPA mandate) are required for billing purposes.

We use the Unix email system. The Mail.ZEDAT.FU-Berlin.DE computer receives all email and immediately initiates a virus scan. If you contact us by email, we need information that enables us to communicate with you. This information includes at a minimum your name, email address and the reason for your enquiry. We delete all information when the reason for contacting us no longer exists and unless legal requirements preclude deletion.

For sending print media, we will transfer your data to CVS Shipping https://cvs-lettershop.de/.