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Masterstudiengang Zukunftsforschung

5. lecturing activities

  •     Advice and support for prospective students, applicants and alumni
  •     Management of the tendering, application and approval process
  •     Committee support
  •     Financial and resource planning and tasks of ongoing management in accordance with the Department of Education (including payment transactions)
  •     Planning and organization of teaching, recruitment of lecturers, execution of teaching assignments in the name and on behalf of the Freie Universität Berlin
  •     Event organization: Organization of teaching and other events provided for in the curriculum as well as publication of the course offerings
  •     Marketing and public relations work in accordance with the program management, representation of the program in the professional public (lectures etc.)
  •     Network maintenance

What personal data is specifically collected?    Last name, first name

  •     Title / Chapter affiliation
  •     Date of birth
  •     Gender
  •     Place and country of birth
  •     Nationality
  •     Address
  •     Phone / Fax
  •     e-mail
  •     Bank details
  •     Tax number
  •     Profession / Education