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Freie Universität Berlin Continuing Education (FUB-ContinuEd) program

Registration for and establishing contractual relationships with participants in the Freie Universität Berlin Continuing Education (FUB-ContinuEd) program.

For registration or the execution of a contract respectively, we need the following information from participants: First name, surname, salutation (gender), address (postal address), telephone number, email address, date of birth, nationality, current employment/study status, course selection and / or preferences for subject selection. These data are submitted by participants to the Surveymonkey online tool (https://www.surveymonkey.com/) and stored there.

FUB-ContinuEd certificate:

We will issue a digital certificate to all participants on completion of the program.

Further areas in which FUB-ContinuEd processes data from participants or passes them on to third parties:

-         Communication with partner universities and partner organizations

-         Internal course participant lists for lecturers

-         Marketing emails to Alumni

Transmission to third countries only with the consent of those affected and after detailed information about the risks. See Art. 49 EU GDPR, especially 1. a. and c.